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Christo-Lube (r) Synthetic Lubricants

At Lubrication Technology, Inc. (LTI) we design, develop, manufacture and market CHRISTO-LUBE® synthetic lubricants which are based on;

  • Perfluoropolyethers (PFPE)
  • Fluorinated Polysiloxanes
  • Polyalphaolefins (PAO)
  • Synthetic hydrocarbon cooligimers

Since 1989 our customers have relied on our tribological expertise and versatility to offer unique solutions for the most challenging operating conditions. In addition to manufacturing and selling world-class lubricants, Lubrication Technology, Inc. offers

  • Custom formulation and lubricant design
  • Contract manufacturing
  • Private labeling
  • Small volume re-packing
  • Specialized Packaging



May 13, 2010

Lubrication Technology, Inc. introduces CerOxi; a line of high temperature tribological coatings.  CerOxi technology provides lubrication and superior wear reduction for plain journal bearings and sliding surfaces subjected to continuous and intermittent surface temperatures between 400°C and 1100°C.  More.

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